Dave Ancel



Dave’s professional interests lay at the intersection of strategy and leadership. A strong background in interpretive organizational theory supports his work with clients. He developed a robust strategic narrative process to keep leaders on track in forming, communicating and promoting their business strategies. Dave has scoped, organized, and led large scale strategy, leadership development, and business transformation initiatives and has effectively coached numerous executives to align their strategic intent with clear and measurable actions. Dave got his start in the business consulting world working with the Tom Peters Group. He was certified to deliver the Leadership Challenge workshop under its author and designer, Jim Kouzes. His work is outcome-focused, keeping business objectives in mind and partnering to get the work done.

Prior to Emergent Solutions, Dave founded Interplay Learning Corporation. He was responsible for building customer relationships, design, and implementation of global organization development initiatives, and leadership and executive development programs. He has strong international experience in Asia, Europe and Latin America – having lived for many years in Indonesia and Chile – and is fluent in Spanish. He works globally with companies throughout the high-technology, bio-technology and medical technology world.