What defines your organization’s culture and identity?

What values are at the core of your organization, what do you stand for?

How do those values translate to behaviors and action?

Are your leaders modeling the right behaviors and building your culture?

Organizational culture and identity are essential factors in performance, and often what differentiates success across organizations in the same business. Culture provides the guardrails for behavior and action. It tells everyone in the organization how they will work together and interact with external stakeholders, most importantly customers. It establishes what is aspirational and limits what is tolerable. Culture is socially constructed, and cultivating a desired culture requires a lot more than tinkering with visible and crafted artifacts.

We work with leaders to:

  • understand their unique culture and identity, and how it enables or inhibits performance
  • identify key behaviors and social practices that influence and sustain culture
  • model the right behaviors through their language, communications and actions
  • design and execute initiatives, from leadership coaching to culture transformation programs, to embed the right behaviors in culture

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